Environmental chambers

Shelf Life Environmental Climate Chambers

ICH Stability & Photo Stability Chambers



from 4 to 43 ft3 (111 to 1,212 liters) of chamber size


Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Nutraceuticals
Stability testing and photostability testing

Beverage & Packaging
Stability and durability testing of dairy, juices, soft drinks, waters, beer, wine, distilled products, including packaging

Aerospace, Auto, Industrial
Testing of materials quality and durability; adhesives, textiles, seals, composites, components & electronics

Plant Growth
Simulating environmental conditions for agricultural applications; germination, Arabidopsis, green plant growth, plant tissue culture, crops, and fruits 

Insect Research
Simulating conditions for organisms, aquaculture, a wide variety of insects, including drosophila, butterflies, algae bacteria, and fungus