Lab-Bubble is a versatile, light-weight, quiet, table-top engineered containment control enclosure that can be used to easily provide many different types of safety or controlled environment to your Lab. 

PCR Air Bubble

Still Air (no AHU) or Clean Air (air filtration unit)
UV-C Lamp as Standard


Safety Bubble

Positive or Negative Air Pressure
Product or Personal Protection


Glove Bubble

100% air tight
Side Pass-Through as Standard


Unique Characteristics

Important: Some Characteristics May be applicable Only In One Specific Model. 

ISO Class 5 Clean Air Environment
UV-C Lamp
Ergonomic Design
Pre-Tested and Validated
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Detachable Acrylic Hood
Lightweight and Portable (can be stored under the counter when not in use)

Frees-Up Fume Hood Space
Easy to Install
Safe Change Filtration
Gas Inlet and Outlet Ports for creating specific environment conditions
Internal Electrical Supply
Base Shape/Design Prevents Spills in Case of Accident
Various Colors (adding color to your lab increases productivity)