Life+guard safe

the first and only wearable, touch-free, electronic hand-sanitizer dispenser

Every day, we touch objects around us that were touched by others, these surfaces may carry viruses and bacteria. Every time you touch any surface can potentially risk yourself and your family, and cause serious health conditions if you don’t sanitize your hands immediately after each contact. Even right after washing or sanitizing your hands, if you touch a contaminated surface, you are at risk of being infected. This situation is even riskier to your children.

if ordinary hand-sanitizer plastic bottles are cheap, why should I consider a wearable & electronic dispenser?

Life+guard safe

ordinary plastic bottles

LIFE+GUARD SAFE was designed to be always available, efficient, and portable. The process of dispensing hand-sanitizer is absolutely intuitive and takes only 2 seconds.


– Process takes only 2 seconds (no need to focus on the process)

– One-hand operation (simple & quick)

– Can be clipped to your belt or worn in a lanyard (always available)

– Operates with rechargeable batteries (USB cable is supplied)

– Can be filled (2 oz | 60 ml) with your preferred hand-sanitizer

– Batteries last for at least 1.000 dispenses (effective)

– Has 3 levels of dispensing (low, medium, high) to avoid wasting product

– Lightweight & ergonomic

A hidden touch-less sensor triggers-Pump

– Affordable – only $ 29.95 (order it here) FREE SHIPPING

ordinary plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are too laborious to operate (this is why most of us doesn’t sanitize our hands as often as we should!)


1) you have to find the bottle in your pocket, purse, or bag with your potentially contaminated hands. (just by doing this, you are eventually contaminating all other items in there.)

2) with two hands you have to hold the bottle and unscrew or uncap it

3) squeeze the bottle avoiding dispensing too much sanitizer

4) find a place to replace the bottle

5) rub your hands, wait for them to dry

6) recap the bottle and replace it

THE SIX STEP PROCESS takes at least 20 seconds to complete. Not a natural process. Will divert your focus from your main objective, not a natural process. This is why we’re not sanitizing our hands as frequently as we should be dong it. We’re risking ourselves and our family. 

Protecting yourself and your family was never this simple!


Life+guard safe