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Process Equipment

Incubators (Heating & Cooling), Dry Heat Ovens
Steam and Dry Heat Sterilizers , Freeze Thaw Chambers, ICH & Photo-Stability Chambers, CO2 Cell Incubators, Steam Generators, Depyrogenation Ovens

H2O2 Decontamination

Custom solutions for your unique decontamination challenges using eco-friendly & long time proved Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

CleanRoom Design

Consulting and Engineering services to help clients choose the most optimal solution for their cleanroom needs – the first time.

Custom Made Enclosures

Custom Made Lab. Automation Robotics Enclosures
Containment Enclosures (API weighing & dispensing)
Instrument Enclosures
Climatically Controlled Enclosures
Safety Glove Box
Lab. Bubble

Water Conditioner

Tailored to any system CHEMICAL FREE water treatment technology against lime/scale corrosion

Last Technology

Steam Sterilizers, EtO Sterilizers, Dry Heat Sterilizers, Closed Processing Equipment, Terminal Sterilizers, Tray Dryers, Washers

Cleanroom Supplies

Contamination Control Products Cleanroom Surface Cleaning Supplies for Critical and Regulated Environments

Special Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning Wipes
Cleaning Solutions
Hand Soaps